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High-tech companies are mobilizing for the war effort!

In the order of the hour, the high-tech companies are mobilizing to support the fighting and the victims of the hostilities.

In cooperation with the Lev Ahad association, we established a volunteering and fundraising system led by the companies Fiverr and HiBob. As part of the association's activities, seven volunteers have already been established that operate throughout the country and in New York, and the volunteers work to respond to the many needs arising from the area and focus on supplying equipment and food, accompanying the families of the dead, assisting the injured and evacuees, visiting the wounded in the hospitals, supporting the fighters and their families, and providing a response and solution to any distress that arises from the field

"We are excited to announce that already on the first day of the HML activity we managed to raise over a million dollars. We thank all those who rushed to join and donate and invite you to join as well, it's time to fight for the house!." 

Ofer Katz, Roni Zahavi and Micah Kaufman

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The purpose of "HML Hi-Tech" established in Tel Aviv is to respond to all requests for assistance received from the general public.

In order to handle all referrals to the hotline in an optimal and efficient manner, we quickly developed an available interface that centralizes all needs and divides the referrals according to topics and geographic areas, the HML centers are prepared to assist and accompany families of injured and missing persons, to provide medical equipment and food, to assist with transportation, accommodation, and even care for the elderly.

Providing solutions to aid requests: 
HML Hitech has deployed a fleet of volunteers, who are busy analyzing the requests coming from the public and who need help, at any given moment. We are working to recruit additional partners and donations in order to expand the scope of support and awareness and provide an immediate response to requests as much as possible. 

The money can be earmarked for a specific purpose And it will be possible to track in detail the donation funds and their use. Any donation transferred will be recognized according to Article 46 of the Tax Ordinance.


To transfer donations:
Name of beneficiary: Derech Prat - The Midrash for Social Leadership (A.R.)
Registered association number: 580657344 | Mizrahi Bank - 20
Givat Shaul branch- 458 | Account number: 450750


* Please add in the comments "for the activity of HML Hitech" and send a confirmation on

Transfer to the email

You can contact for more detailsTo my heart there Centered the issue by


To support the mobilization of the masses for the displaced residents of the Gaza Strip

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