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"Lev-Echad" - Emergency Civil Aid is a nationwide volunteer organization, set up in 2005 to create the infrastructure for the professional and organized operation of emergency volunteers. The organization deploys a recruitment and civilian control network, which is subject to the local authority and helps it deal with local and national emergencies. Since then, the organization has operated more than 26,000 volunteer volunteers.



"Lev-Echad" organization was founded on the understanding that, during emergencies, thousands of volunteers seeking assistance to the local authority need an effective, organized and coordinated operating mechanism, up to the level of the individual volunteer squad. In an emergency, "Lev-Echad" organization, at the command of the City Volunteer Coordinator, provides a dedicated, dedicated recruitment and operation system that allows the municipality to effectively manage thousands of volunteers simultaneously. The system operates according to a unique and proven operating model created by the organization's volunteers based on their accumulated experience.


Getting ready for a routine

"Lev-Echad" operates on a routine to train volunteer leaders across the country, according to the organization’s operating theory. The organization is constantly working to strengthen the preliminary relationship between the authorities and the volunteers, and to create local preparedness teams. At the same time, the organization is working to instill the principles of operating volunteers in an emergency to other volunteer bodies, with the desire to create one national, effective and experienced theory for emergency volunteering.



"Lev-Echad" is recognized by the Home Front Command, the National Emergency Authority, the Ministry of Welfare and the Ministry of Education; And partner in the National Emergency Organizations Forum of the Rahal and the National Security Council. In 2012, the director of society and youth in the Ministry of Education chose to adopt the concept of operating one heart in an emergency. The two bodies work together today to train thousands of youth to volunteer in an emergency.


"Lev-Echad" - today and tomorrow

In light of the lessons learned from previous emergencies, and given the magnitude of challenges and dangers that may materialize in the region, we seek to take the organization's activities a significant step forward, and become a body that consistently promotes and addresses the issue of emergency volunteer readiness. To this end, we have set up a civilian emergency training project, within which a limited team of field coordinators will be set up, who will operate nationwide, on a daily basis, to promote readiness.


We believe that mutual guarantee is Israel's first line of defense.

A civil society that knows how to respond to an order in times of crisis,

She is a strong friend, no threat to her.


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