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Partnership and Support

Partnership and Support

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For more than 150 days, Israel remains at war.

We call upon you to join One Heart and become ambassadors of goodwill. Your contributions will sustain our ability to continue mobilizing thousands of volunteers nationwide.

Support families of reservists and soldiers.

Support families of the injured.

Support youth evacuees and their families.

Support One Heart’s situation rooms, dedicated to meeting the needs of civilians and soldiers alike.

Through each of these avenues of support, you can help fortify Israel’s national resilience, so essential during these challenging times.

For donations or inquiries, please contact:

Shira Katz, Director of External Relations and

Resource Development, Ein Prat – One Heart


Volunteering Missions

Volunteering Missions

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One Heart Solidarity and
Volunteering Missions

Since the onset of the war, solidarity and volunteering missions have been steadily arriving in Israel. These missions volunteer in the Gaza envelope, at hospitals, on agricultural farms, on IDF bases, and in soldier concentration areas in preparation for their entry into Gaza, providing comprehensive assistance wherever needed.

One Heart’s upcoming mission will take place in May 2024 (exact dates TBA shortly).


Join Us

For more information and to register, please contact Shira Katz:



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