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Iron Swords War

Who are we helping?


Help and support for the agriculture industry

Following the war, the agricultural sector suffered a fatal blow, and parts of the country were on the verge of collapse. The departure of the foreign and Palestinian workers and the extensive recruitment of the reserves left Israeli agriculture without workers.

We at "Lev Ehad" have established volunteer groups to assist in agricultural work all over the country. This way we will ensure the continued existence of the industry and the nutritional security of the citizens of Israel.


Families of the security forces

Hundreds of thousands of citizens are recruited into the reserves and participate in the war effort, and many families and children are left behind at home. We believe that the resilience of the reserve system is related to the knowledge that there are those who take care of the families at home. The project helps these families deal with everyday life in the shadow of the war - from cleaning, through cooking to child care. 


Support for the families affected during the war - including bereaved families, the families of the missing and the kidnapped, and the families of the injured. Each family has a team of volunteers attached to it that supports it and helps it in everything, big or small.

Supporting families directly affected by the war

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The headquarters provides relatives (family, friends and other circles - alike) with close support from professionals in the field of mental health, who take care to manage their needs and provide quick assistance through a pool of resources for physical, emotional and logistical needs. For example: emotional care, accommodation, transportation and flights, assistance in the bureaucracy and the exercise of rights, food and medicine supply, routine house maintenance and other special needs.

Support for the families of the abducted and missing


residence- Assistance to citizens evacuated from the north and south of the country both in finding a temporary place of residence and in a long-term solution, together with the various government bodies.

education -Our teams of volunteers develop educational frameworks for youth and children who have been evacuated from their homes.

Welfare - Our regional HMLs work for the well-being of evacuees and evacuees by assisting in providing a logistical envelope, and providing a rights extraction and exercise service through the "Right to Receive" project - exercise of rights and access to information for evacuees.

community -Our volunteers at the accommodation centers for the families of the evacuees work to consolidate the existing communities and develop strong community frameworks for citizens in their new places of residence.

Assisting families evacuated from their homes due to living in conflict zones 

Want to take part? 

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