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 ​One Heart 

Civilian Emergancy Aid Force

“Reciprocal social responsibility is the State of Israel's first line of defense”


 About Lev Echad

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“One Heart - Civilian Assistance at Times of Emergency” is a national volunteer organization founded in 2005 to establish infrastructure to allow for the professional and organized mobilization of volunteers at times of emergency.


The Organization works in coordination with local municipalities and cooperation with the Home Front Command and the relevant government offices. Since its founding, the organization has mobilized more than 26,000 civilian volunteers.


Starting in 2006, One Heart has activated and mobilized volunteers in all large-scale emergencies in Israel.

Since the Russian invasion to Ukraine in February 2022, One Heart volunteers are providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine, and it's borders.

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The Operation in Ukraine

The connection between Ein-Perat and Ukraine began in 2014 when the former president of Ukraine asked for our help building the Ukrainian Leadership Academies.
A few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the first Lev-Echad volunteer delegation arrived in the inferno. Within a few weeks, they established a sister organization, One Heart, in Ukraine. Since then, over 240 Israeli and American volunteers have flown and provided humanitarian and medical aid, within Ukraine and its borders, in cooperation with local authorities and organizations.
Today, we focus on providing tools and long-term support for the local population, focusing on the youth. 

Want to take part? 

One Heart is a nonprofit organization;

Donate One Heart to enable our activity

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Humanitarian Aid


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