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Accessibility Declaration

We at One Heart recognize the importance of making digital space accessible to people with disabilities and see it as an integral part of our concept of service and social responsibility. This site has been accessed with great care in accordance with Israeli Standard 5568 - Level AA, the level required by law. The site was accessed

by Wix & Me under the guidance and advice of Migdal Or, a multi-service center for the blind and visually impaired. After accessibility, the site's accessibility for all types of disabilities was tested as well as in two NVDA and VoiceOver screen readers in two browsers: Chrome and Safari in windows 10 and iOS operating systems.

Despite our efforts to enable accessible browsing on all pages of the site, elements that are not accessible enough may be discovered, for example on pages that due to updating browser versions and screen readers, or uploading new content, their level of accessibility has been impaired. 

In addition, the site was built on a WIX platform that undertakes to provide accessible solutions to sites built on this platform, but a component that is not yet accessible enough may be used.

It is important for us to preserve the  Accessibility of the site, so if you encounter any problems, we would be happy for you to let us know in one of the following ways: 

*** Please indicate the name, email and telephone number of the accessibility coordinator / accessibility supervisor ***

The accessibility of the site is reflected in the following topics:


  • High-contrast colors were chosen.

  • The font can be enlarged without compromising information.

  • The information on the site is organized hierarchically and simply.


Site navigation and operations

  • The site is adapted for a screen reader

  • The site can be fully activated using the keyboard and not just the mouse.

  • The site has been designed so that navigation on it is consistent and understandable.

  • A telephone registration can be made as an accessible alternative in case the form is not available or sufficiently accessible to different users.


  • We have added alternate text for images, buttons and links so that you can get an audio indication of all the visual content on the site.

  • We used simple and clear language


Accessibility of the physical space:

*** Here you must specify accessibility arrangements for the physical location / locations - such as disabled parking, disabled services, accessible entrance, etc. **

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